Paul Rhodes Eddy

Paul Eddy is the co-author (along with Greg Boyd) of a couple of notable historicist books, for which both gentlemen deserve credit. If the Boyd post is more fleshed-out, this is because I have, in addition to reading the books, seen several lectures and debates involving Boyd, who seems to be the orator of the two.

See Greg Boyd entry for more info.

Suggested Bibliography:

  • The Jesus Legend (2007)
    —Longer and more carefully annotated of the two volumes.

    Rating: ½

  • Lord or Legend  (2010)
    —A condensation of the former for a more pop audience.

    Rating: ☆☆

  • The Historical Jesus: Five Views (2009)
    —A five-prong discussion on the historical Jesus, edited by Paul Eddy. Price's introductory minority opinion essay serves as a kind of foil for the other contributors to lambast. It is a good example of the irrationality and rancor that some historicists display toward New Testament minimalism.

    Rating: ★★½☆☆


  1. Somehow the Wiki article on Jesus and comparative mythography, opens by lionizing evil Eddy the apologist

    1. I'm sorry to hear it. I would categorize him (and Boyd) as an apologist. But using the adjective "evil" is rather silly in context. Ideologues are funny.


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